It have been so long since I update my blog. Well , how to start . I maybe just made a big mistake in my life. Every person is not perfect and everyone made a mistake in their life. I really hates when I fight with my loves ones. It is so painful. Loving someone is easy but the most hardest thing is forgetting someone that we love. I really love this man. Maybe he is not perfect like Brad Pitt or Ashton Kutcher but he is the most perfect guy that I ever meet. He is just perfect by my eye. Every couple fights but a perfect couple can go through with their problems by solving it together. I really loved him so much . I remember his word ' every person is not perfect ' . This is one of the words that I remember untill now. I know that I just made a mistake. Family is just everything in my life . Without them I am just a useless person in the world. But , when you get married with me , you will be married to my family to. Please understand that. I maybe not the most perfect girl ever in the hole world . But I hope that I will be the most perfect girl in your eye. If I said to you that iloveyou , I really mean it. I can act crazy in front of you without be ashamed. Trust amd honest is just the key of every couple in the world. Like you said ' no secrets between us ' . Sometimes it just break my heart to see something that I hate the most happen. Losing you is the hardest thing.

Sincerely ,
Your writer .

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