People asked a lot of things if they wanted to know something. But , if we get scold when we asked something this is just bullshit. People just want to know. We asked because they didn't tell us. Its not our fault. Tapi kalau sampai kata kita ni serabutkan kepala seseorang tu memang dah melampau. Tak sampai 5 soalan tanya pon dah kene marah. Payah la macam ni. Yapi bila dengan kawan-kawan boleh pulak cakap baik-baik. Even in 5 second people can change . *Pooffff* . Sekurang-kurangnya bagitau . Tak salah pon nak bgtau.


It have been so long since I update my blog. Well , how to start . I maybe just made a big mistake in my life. Every person is not perfect and everyone made a mistake in their life. I really hates when I fight with my loves ones. It is so painful. Loving someone is easy but the most hardest thing is forgetting someone that we love. I really love this man. Maybe he is not perfect like Brad Pitt or Ashton Kutcher but he is the most perfect guy that I ever meet. He is just perfect by my eye. Every couple fights but a perfect couple can go through with their problems by solving it together. I really loved him so much . I remember his word ' every person is not perfect ' . This is one of the words that I remember untill now. I know that I just made a mistake. Family is just everything in my life . Without them I am just a useless person in the world. But , when you get married with me , you will be married to my family to. Please understand that. I maybe not the most perfect girl ever in the hole world . But I hope that I will be the most perfect girl in your eye. If I said to you that iloveyou , I really mean it. I can act crazy in front of you without be ashamed. Trust amd honest is just the key of every couple in the world. Like you said ' no secrets between us ' . Sometimes it just break my heart to see something that I hate the most happen. Losing you is the hardest thing.

Sincerely ,
Your writer .


I miss yasmeen's badly . I just want to stay with them . Freaking miss them so much ! Dah lama tak jumpa . Nak jadi macam dulu . Semua buat sama-sama kecuali berak cangkung la . hehehe . Putri doakan Insyaallah kita akan berjaya dapat result yang cemerlang untuk PMR 2012 . Insyaallah . Kalau ada rezeki kita berjumpa lagi . Kami yasmeen dan kami tak akan terpisah . cewahhh !!!.
Miss yasmeen's so much !


I File:Heart corazón.svgYOU !